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Hi, I'm Hans van Zanten. It's great to see you!

If you are mainly a streetphotographer you are on the right spot. Read and join me.

When I was 16 years I got my first camera as a gift from a very kind photographer in the village Overschie, near Rotterdam. It was a GOMZ SALYUT 6x6 medium format SLR camera, with only one lens and made in Russia.

A photographer was born. Since then I never have been without a camera, although I never have become a professional photographer too. Life chooses its own way, isn't it?

Is your love like mine?

My purpose with this website is encouraging the art of streetphotography. I am not the only one that loves this wandering around through cities and neighbourhoods, having a coffee in a bar and talks with people that are so kindly to let them be shooted, with my camera off course.

I often take shots from low perspective, sometimes even bare on the ground. So I have called this website 'Bending Knees'. You can add your own meaning to that name!

Unseen Moments

I sincerely encourage you to join me on this crusade on unseen moments. Send me small photoseries that tell a story about you and your subjects, unnummerable expressions of life as we are. I will give you free space to exposure yourself and your art. You don't have to be a professional, but a being a ambitious amateur is a bit of a desired condition.

As you will discover, the website is 'work in progress' and far from ready. Nearly all my photo's are raw from the spot, not crafted. Also many links are still empty.

Once in a while I will send out a newsletter, with the progress of projects and invitations for meetings. Subscribe that one below!

Walk in Grace,

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Library Wheaton Illinois

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